Rules of Tajweed

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By Seyed Mohamed Buhari


This work provides charts on Rules of Tajweed. We don’t claim to be an expert in this area but we have tried our best to develop this tajweed material by referring to few books. We believe that this material would be useful to those who are teaching Tajweed. Also, this can be used as a reference material. In order to develop this material, we have referred to the following books:


1. Moulana Muhammad Ibrahim Sahib Baaqavi, Hidayathus sifyan fi tajweedil Quran [In Tamil], Haadi Publishers, Chennai, India.

2. Dr. Abdul-majid Khan, Tajwid: The art of recitation of the Holy Quran [In English], Urdu Academy Sind, Karachi, Pakistan.

3. ‘Aizzat ‘Ubaid ad-Da’as, Fan at-Tajweed [in Arabic],Dar Ibn Hajam, Beirut, Lebanon.

4. Umm Muhammad, A Brief Introduction to Tajweed [In English], Abul-Qasim Publishing House, Jeddah.


We acknowledge the help of many brothers and sisters in the preparation of this document. May Allah reward them all, aameen.

























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Rules of Tajweed, 3.8 out of 5 based on 20 ratings


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